“I am giving a review, this time for my second Sailor’s Valentine Kit, Fleur de Rosette. These Kits are so wonderful with all the supplies and directions. The pictures and directions, and the Documentation Label are so charming. They always turn out even better than I expect when I start. You give great customer service, and communication.”
Carpinteria, CA
“Your Lace Sailor’s Valentine Kit was so much fun to make, and the directions, shells, and supplies were lovely. The pattern and direction booklet made crafting the Valentine easy. Now I am waiting for the next one I ordered to arrive, so I can get started on it. Thank you for offering these kits. There is nothing else like them.
Carpinteria, CA

“I have now completed my Sailor’s Valentine kit and must tell you the size was just what I was looking for, the quality was great, the instructions very easy to follow, and now I have a lovely Sailor’s Valentine to hang on my wall thanks to you. Thank you.”
New Rochelle, New York

“I want to share a story with you. 7 years my wife and I have been together. We both come from  nautical families. So each year I have made my wife one of your kits! She loves them! Every year she know knows what she is getting on Feb. 14 and your company has yet to fail me! I wanted to thank you for creating a family tradition! In addition to me making one every year, I have 2 sons my oldest turned 2 last week. So, this year was Beau’s first year to make is own valentine with some left over shells I had from mine and a blank box I order from you.”

Lake Charles, Louisiana
“I would just like to tell you how much fun I am having creating one of your kits. It is so nicely designed, the instructions are easy, everything is so well marked and the literature is fun to look at with the sweet graphics printed on it. Your entire kit packaging is delightful. Although I have collected Sailors’ Valentines, I have never made one myself. I have told all my friends about this kit. Keep up the good work.”
Weston, Connecticut-Nantucket, Massachusetts
“By the way, the Sailors’ Valentine turned out great. Very pretty and I’m sure my brother will love it. He lives on the water here in Connecticut and has many nautical pieces decorating his home. The quality of the kit was fantastic. I had all the shells I needed and I was especially impressed with the exact fit of the top to the bottom of the box. Just perfect.”
Branford, Connecticut
“Your shadow boxes are very well constructed and perfect for crafting. I absolutely love making the Sailors’ Valentines and will purchase more in the future. I made one for my girlfriend.”

Wilmington, Delaware
“I just wanted to thank you for your kindness last April, when I needed, had to have, a Sailors Valentine shadow box for a Memorial Service/Celebration of life. You have a beautiful product, excellent customer service and I wish you well in your business, which will grow with Facebook. I “liked” you.”

Duxbury, Massachusetts
“I always wanted a Sailor’s Valentine of my own and purchased one of your kits with some trepidation of how it would come out. I have to say that after completing it I was very satisfied with the results, and now have it displayed in my home. The kit has everything you need with an ample supply of shells and glue, and the directions were very straightforward and easy to follow. I am quite happy with the finished product.”
Pocasset, Massachusetts

“I have found the instructions to be very easily understood, and I am not a”crafty” person. I am more of an outdoors type who just recently decided to do something different than the usual knitting, decoupage, etc., and I think I have found just the right thing with your Sailor’s Valentine!”
Santa Rosa, California

“Instructions very clear, no problems. Enjoyed building it, came out as shown.”
Frederick, Maryland

“I ordered the Baby Boy Valentine Kit for a project to do this summer. I broke my foot in two places and I’m not supposed to walk on it without crutches. My order receipt said it may take 2-3 weeks to come in but it was at my door in about 10 days! I was very excited to start. I thought it was going to be very difficult to make because it is so beautiful. It was easy!! I just want to thank you for a wonderful keepsake that I will treasure forever!”
Wareham, Massachusetts

“I finished my Pink Rosette Sailor’s Valentine Kit this weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed every minute!! I added a pearl in the middle of the rosette, and it really looks great!”
Ontario, Canada

“A fun project. I plan on buying Shadow Boxes and making more Valentines for special presents.”
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“I would not hesitate to buy kits from this website store. Wonderful project quality. I really enjoyed making my Sailor’s Valentine.”
Happy Valley, Oregon

“I found it an excellent product, giving me a beautiful finished shell Valentine box that has been commented on with awe by many people, and which looks just like the old, rare, beautiful ones I’ve seen in some historic homes.”
Honolulu, Hawaii

“I loved everything about the kit. The finished product is beautiful. I am in my 70’s and have arthritis in my wrists, but I enjoyed making the Valentine so much and the Valentine graces my book shelf. I am proud of myself and of your kit.”
Nantucket, Massachusetts

“My girlfriend loved this gift!! She has always wanted one and now she has one!! She completed it in one day!! It was very easy to put together and all of the supplies were in perfect condition!! We will be definitely ordering again soon!!”
East Falmouth, Massachusetts

“I bought my Nantucket Sailors’ Valentine Kit over the summer. I was missing Nantucket very much. The kit was a lot of fun to do, and brought me back to the feeling of the ocean. The instructions were quite good, and I did not get frustrated. It hangs on my living room wall and I have gotten many complements. Thanks.”
Tucson, Arizona-Nantucket, Massachusetts

“I had hoped to put the beautiful Sailor’s Valentine together with my Aunt Elsie, who is in a nursing home in Colorado when we visited her. However, she has tremors and they had gotten so bad, it wasn’t possible nor did I even show it to her because she is very depressed about how little she can do these days. But, gosh, she is 98. I put it together when we got home, so easy with the detailed instructions and template, and sent it out to her. She was thrilled and my cousin hung it over her TV where she can see it all the time. Elsie used to come and winter with us in Chatham for many years, then down here in Florida, and shelling was always one of her favorite activities. She used to make her own shell art so the Sailor’s Valentine was very special to her for many reasons.”

Pine Island, Florida
“When the kids and I went to Colorado to visit with my parents, Melissa was given a unique project to work on, a Sailor’s Valentine. My mom’s friend, Susan, sells these online and they are stunning once completed. Did I mention that Melissa is just 9 years old? And her Valentine turned out to be absolutely gorgeous! Here’s a picture of Melissa’s completed Valentine. Isn’t it just fantastic? Her kit was the “Rose” design. If you are looking for a gift idea, for almost any age, look no further than Susan’s website. It’s a great gift to give to the crafty person who would enjoy putting it together. And it’s also the perfect gift for someone who lives near the ocean, vacations at the beach, or just loves the beach. You could put it together and give it as a completed item. I’m hoping for the “Island Memories” or “White Star” for Christmas. (Mom: Hint, hint!)”
Shannon’s Blog
Fairfield, Connecticut

“Thank you so much. I am really enjoying your kits. These 2 make my 3rd and  my kids are each now requesting some so you will see more orders

Marietta, Georgia


“I finished the kit for my husband. My husband is over the moon happy and it is by his side of the bed. It looks magical. He is so happy and so am I with the end result. My 8 year old son was so enthralled he asked for one for Valentines Day and said to me, “May I have one, I will keep it forever and it will be a reminder that you truly do love me!” Bless you for your business and making my dream come true of making these. It was fun and easy to do with the directions. The quality of the shells were impeccable! It was even more gorgeous in person!”
Holly Springs, Georgia