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About Our Kits

All of our Sailors’ Valentine seashell craft kits are original artwork. They are as intricate and collectable as the historic Sailors’ Valentines of the 1800’s.

Our seashell craft kits contain everything you need to create our timeless designs:

Prewashed, sorted, packaged shells / A general instruction book that explains the basics of building your Sailors’ Valentine / A detail color step by step instruction book to build your design by / A pattern that coordinates with the color detail step by step instruction book / A practice pattern (not shown) / Glue / Glue dots / Optional documentation label for the back of your box / An octagonal blank Sailors’ Valentine Cherry wood shadow box with a glass front that opens from right to left with pre drilled holes for the brass hinges, clasp and sawtooth hanger that are included. The boxes measures 9″ outside, 8″ inside. They are unfinished, so you can choose the finish of your choice.

No two designs are exactly alike because of the uniqueness of each shell. Shell size, shape and color may vary due to mother nature. Your Sailors’ Valentine will be a one of a kind. 

Build your Sailors’ Valentine as a gift and a beautiful home accent piece. Not only a wonderful project for yourself, a wonderful group project, and for mothers, daughters and grandmothers to enjoy together. As a gift, a Sailor’s Valentine will always be treasured for years to come.

Nantucket Sailors’ Valentines are fun and simple to create.

All designs are original artwork. All rights reserved. Nantucket Sailors’ Valentine Kits TM

“I found the instructions to be very easily understood. I am not a “crafty” person, I am more of an outdoors type who just recently decided to do something different than the usual knitting, decoupage, etc. I think I have found just the right thing with your Sailors’ Valentine Kits!”

Santa Rosa, CA


Made in the USA

Small parts. Not intended for children.