Sailors’ Valentines originated in the mid 1800’s. The majority of Sailors’ Valentines came from the West Indies Island of Barbados, a Port of Call for American and English ships.

Sailor’s would buy or trade items for these nautical tokens as romantic gifts to take home to their loved ones during their long voyages at sea.

The Valentines were made in octagonal wooden shadow boxes from the local seashells. Traditional designs include hearts, flowers, star shapes, rosettes, pictures and sentimental messages such as, “To My Sweet-Heart” and “Forget-Me-Not”.

Orignal Sailors’ Valentines are rare and collected. If one can be found it would be quite pricey.

Sailors’ Valentines is an art that will continue for years to come.

A Sailor’s Valentine will always be treasured.

Heart and Rose Graphic

“I found making my Sailors’ Valentine an excellent project, giving me a beautiful finished Sailor’s Valentine that has been commented on with awe by many people, and which looks just like the old, rare, beautiful Sailors’ Valentines I’ve seen in historic homes.”

Honolulu, Hawaii